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About us

We are Travel Producers

We are part of Grupo Bestours

We were established in 1987, since then we always been handling production tasks for our clients, but it wasn’t until 2012 when we specialised in the industry and created the Travel Producers brand.

We work with the philosophy of a production company but also with the knowledge of a travel company. A culture that has allowed us to become a reference in the industry and a part of your travel kit.

We are part of your gear

We are with you from the beginning. Meeting the budgets, proposing different options, looking for the best accommodations and finding the best travel combinations to get you to your destination. And if there is a change of plans? It’s okay, we’ll be there with other alternatives and solutions.

And don’t forget, we know how to deal with the suppliers, explain them your needs and negotiate the best conditions.


We are a team divided by specialty areas: national advertising cinema, services, tv shows and movies. We also have an administration department that knows the industry like the back of their hand.

And we’ll tell you our secret…

We have a crystal ball that guesses everything that could happen. We have a magic lamp that grants your wishes. When you see the situation so dark, we have the light that lights up everything…

…But above all this, the big secret is that we work hard.